Top tips for happy camping

Happy camper

Looking forward to your next big camping trip or  are you new to camping holidays and not sure what to pack? We thought we’d share some tips to help you get the most from your trip.

What do you do if the weather is bad? What are the essentials? We’ve got it all covered in this blog.

Happy camper

1. Test your equipment before you leave home. 

Before embarking on any camping trip, make sure you learn the ropes on how to put up your tent. This simple tip will save you time in figuring out when you arrive at the campsite, making it quicker when you get to your destination. You can also make sure there are no faults or damage, taking the drama out of your set-up. 

Also make sure you check any electronics, lighting equipment and airbeds at the same time. 


2. Pack strategically

When packing always try to pack the least important stuff first so that all the must haves are within easy reach.

Your tent, possibly the most important part of your camping trip should be the very last thing you load into your car, so it can be the first thing you take out and pitch up when you arrive. 

Other camping essentials include: 

  1. Camp chairs – Some trusty fold-out chairs are a must, perfect for camping comfort and preventing a muddy bottom. 
  2. Camp box – A simple storage box can be used time and time again.  It may not be the first thing you think of but you certainly won’t regret it. Store all your camping goodies in one place, include your utensils, matches, torches, spare batteries, suncream, toilet paper, insect spray, spare pegs, tomato sauce, coffee, tea bags, cling film, foil and long life food. Throw it in your car and your well on your way. 
  3. Sleeping bags camp beds or airbeds – If the nights are chilly, getting a quality nights sleep in a tent can be tricky. Make sure you pack a  quality sleeping bag, a camp bed or even an airbed. Our recommendation if opting for an airbed is avoiding cheap airbeds you can buy everywhere and opting for a specialist camping brand. 
  4. Footwear – Two absolute essentials, first something slip-on and preferably waterproof like a flip flop or a sandal. This is essential for those late night toilet trips. Also pack something absolutely waterproof, preparing you for the mud and preventing soggy socks. 
  • Clothing – Layers, layers and more layers so you are prepared for warm days and the coldest evenings. 
  • First aid kit – always a good idea to take headache/anti-inflammatory pills, plasters, antiseptic cream, eyewash etc.


3. Ensure you have sufficient lighting

Headlamps, lamps and torches and spare batteries. It may sound obvious but the number of people who rock up to our campsites with one torch and flat batteries is incredible. 

Lanterns will give you 360° light and headlamps are great when you want to keep both of your hands free, making tasks much easier. Don’t forget to always take spare batteries. 

head torch

4. Take spares

Always take spare tent pegs, guy ropes and tent poles as you never know what might decide to break at the wrong time. It can be a nightmare when something breaks half way through your trip, so be prepared.

5. Arrive during daylight

Pitching a tent is near impossible in the nights darkness, arrive with as much daylight to spare as possible to avoid any pitching mishaps. 

6. Be prepared

Attitude is everything on a camping trip, there is nothing worse than being stuck in a small tent with an absolute grump. Bring a wicked camping playlist, bring games and then even in the rain camping can be full of fun. 

Playing cards camping

7. Be realistic about the weather

Don’t forget to bring your umbrella, we have no control over the weather, but if you pack effectively camping can be fun rain or shine. 

Rainy Days

If you have any questions about your camping trip, feel free to ask one of our friendly team at Cofton or take a look at our FAQ’s.

Do not fear! If you happen to forget any of your camping essentials there is always a plan B and at Cofton we pride ourselves on keeping our onsite shop stocked with those things you may have forgotten you need. 

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