Pitch Up & Enjoy Our Top Tips For The Perfect Camping Break at Cofton

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Sometimes there’s nothing better than pitching up and escaping to the great outdoors… 

We like to think that our glorious corner of Devon offers the perfect escape to the heavenly Deavonly countryside. Stunning beaches on your doorstep and long and winding coastal walks in your back garden. Why would you want to go anywhere else? 

Here at Cofton we take away the burdens and worries of every day life. Camping can sometimes represent a challenge; especially for beginners. 

Here’s our top tips on how to enjoy the perfect camping break with family and friends, without the hassle. 

The tent is always a good place to start, isn’t it? It’s always important to realise the size of the pitches here at Cofton, as well as how big your tent is in regards to this. Remember to keep it simple with your tent/sleeping arrangements. 

Sometimes terrains/camping surfaces can get rugged and it doesn’t exactly guarantee the best nights sleep. We suggest bringing foam floor tiles if you have them, for a makeshift floor (sometimes camping mats are a bit too small)…

Now down to the nitty gritty. Some real hacks that you can prepare easily which make life that little bit easier in your tent. Quick and easy food, some things you may know and some things you may not.

Light can always be an issue. No-one wants to spend hours balancing a torch in the exact right spot or use the torch on your phone (this reminds us – bring a portable charger!) A cool little hack we’ve picked up on is putting a portable light in a milk carton – it creates nice balanced light that means you won’t trip over and knock your tent over. 

Trying to find a snug sleeping bag can be a chore. Make sure to shop around and find the best one – also take note of how hot it can get in the mornings – so you may want to use thin material that breathes. Travel pillows are also a worthy investment given their adaptability to different gradients.

Food, glorious food. Sometimes we all can’t wait and we just need to tuck into something quick and easy. Our glorious must-haves for quick and easy food on the campfire are:

Eggs in a bottle. It’s really good, we promise! If you make your eggs at home and put them in a bottle – you can simply just add them to the pan. How do you like your eggs in the mornin’… (Note: This can also be done with pancakes!)

Looking for complete silence from the kids over dinner? Well how about these mouthwatering Pizza Nachos that can be cooked over the hot coals with oodles of flavour!

Dipping marshmallows in Baileys provides a deliciously different approach to roasting Marshmallows. Adults only, of course…

Image reference: http://dabblesandbabbles.com/baileys-dipped-toasted-marshmallows/

If the kids want something a bit different, we recommend roasting starburst. Sounds weird, but trust us.

We’ve all been in tents where after the first day it’s cleaner to go outside than stay in the tent. Dragging mud around is all too easy – make sure you keep shoes wrapped up either in a shower hat if you have one or a plastic bag to make sure you don’t drag mud around.

Oh, and the last thing. Entertainment. A scavenger hunt to keep the kids busy? This can obviously be modified for anyone. Just be creative!

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