Car Charging Points

Owning an Electric Car doesn’t need to bring a whole new complexity to day-to-day life, especially the thought of going on holiday and many people simply don’t like change, unfortunately, there are not many car charging points in Dawlish but we think it should be easy and normal to use EVs for everyday life, especially if you want to charge your car in Devon, many EVs now have a huge range in excess of 200 miles and within a few hours you can get enough charge to go on those exciting day trips around Devon.

At Cofton Holidays we have invested in-car charging points to make it easy for our guests to recharge electric cars whilst on Holiday, we have four different locations to choose from depending on your needs, for those day visitors we have 4 points in the day visitors car park and for those staying on holiday at Cofton, we have charging points next to the lodges, cottages, and caravans.

Car Charging Points Dawlish

How to use our charging points

In order to use our charging points, you can either download the Pod Point app from the app store or google play or visit the Pod Point website to confirm the charge. you will need to add credit to your account to enable the charge. see the Step by Step Guide

Here are some links to the Pod Point website

What you need

The Pod Point bollards are un-tethered, this means you need to use your own Type 2 Cable and plug into the socket on the bollard, type 2 cables are available for most cars and usually supplied by the main dealer for the brand of car you have, Cables are not available to hire at Cofton.


  • 7Kw Maximum Charging capacity
  • Type 2 socket
  • 30 pence per kWh

Holiday Cottages with Car Charging

Getting away on holiday with an electric car does mean you have to think ahead and use an app to find parking spaces.. So our holiday cottages with car charging mean you can nearly fully charge your car overnight meaning you can explore Devon in the day.

Holiday Cottages with Electric Car Charging

Lodges with car charging

When choosing a holiday lodge, it’s important to find the best location and if your anything like us, you’ll want the best quality too! Our lodge scheme was brand new in 2020 so we hope we have thought of everything, even Lodges with electric car charging.

Lodges with electric car charging