Dance Fitness

Move and shake your way to fitness with our fun filled Dance Fitness Class

Join in this exciting dance based fitness class, a great way to get fit and improve cardio help while having fun.

This is a real feel good fitness class.

Dance Fitness

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Unwind and build strength and flexibility with our yoga sessions.

Yoga classes can help reduce stress levels and improve overall health. Reduce muscle tension and build strength with a combination of deep inhalations and exhalations and yoga postures to improve respiratory function, balance, concentration, core stability and flexibility. All levels are welcome and progressions are slow and simple to follow.

Yoga Pilates

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Suspension Training

Bring a whole new dimension to the concept of body weight training with suspended training systems.

Body weight exercises using TRX straps to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core endurance simultaneously.  This all over workout uses body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability.

TRX training

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Gym Circuits

Need help perfecting your technique in the gym? Want to learn new techniques ?

A small group gym based circuit session for all ability levels. Improve Cardio and Muscular Fitness levels in one varied, fun and motivational session.

Gym circuits refer a friend Gym circuits


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Cofton core

A broad range of exercises targeted at the different areas of your core

In pursuit of the perfect abs? We have a range of exercises to help you tone up and trim down your abdominal area. This work out will include a combination of cardio, body weight exercises and resistance training.

A perfect compliment to any exercise programme. Enhance core endurance which encourages good posture, a strong stable spine and improved physical performance in all active and daily tasks.

Legs, bums and tums Core workout Cofton Yoga

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Legs, bums and tums

Tone and sculpt key body areas using a range of specific exercises.

Shape up and burn fat as you lunge, step and squat your way to fitness in this popular class. You will be using both weights and your own body weight in high repetition based routines that will put your legs, bums and tums through their paces in a bid to trim down .

Legs, bums and tums

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Fighting Fit

When variety is all you need, why not go to a class that offers it all?

This class is a high intensity based workout incorporating elements of cardio, muscular endurance and strength in the style of a mixed martial arts session.

Be prepared for lots of kicks, punches, elbow strikes and the unexpected.

Fighting fit Dawlish Gym Ashburn Springs Fitness ClassesIndoor Cycling Spin Studio Dawlish Gym

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Pilates aims to strengthen the body throughout with an emphasis on the core to improve general fitness and wellbeing.

Take to the mat for a range of stretches targeted at different areas of the body. There are reports to suggest various health benefits to Pilates as well as improved posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility.


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Boot Camp

An action packed workout to boost your strength, power and endurance. Be ready for anything, this session is all about variety.

This session will typically involve a combination of body weight and free weight activity. Expect the unexpected as sometimes we trade in a studio session for a woodland or poolside Boot Camp session.

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Step Fitness

Step Fitness classes are great for general fitness and stamina, but even better for your butt and thighs.

Step your way to fitness with a fun and exhilarating fitness class.

This is an exciting class bringing step based workouts back to life. Fun, effective and achievable for all ages and abilities.

A great heart rate booster.

Step aerobics

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