Cofton Team shows

Cofton Team Shows

Let’s get the party started! Come and Join the Entertainments team as they perform their favourite tunes just for you! Mix tape Tunes includes some classics, guilty pleasures and not forgetting the cheesy ones too!

Mix Tape Tunes

Mix Tape Tunes

Put on your dancing shoes as we head back to the disco decade. From glam rock to disco pop, you won’t be able to resist grooving along!

Passion, Thunder & Beauty

Passion, Thunder and Beauty

Straight from the Cruise ships our Team Leader Adam takes you away with his Flamenco style show full of fun, music, story’s and the chance to feel like you’re sat on a Spanish beach!

Sarah Ivy-Louise

Sarah Ivy-Louise

Our Very own Show captain takes you through the decades celebrating the most popular music of the Ages with her sing-a-long show!



If you really, really, really wanna ZIGAZIG AH! Then make sure you don’t miss our Girlpower show! A celebration of some of the phenomenal female artists throughout the years.

What’s On At Cofton….

Showtime at Cofton