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Our open plan gym has enough equipment to provide a complete body workout, with a free weights zone and machines for cardiovascular training. Our resistance machines are perfect for safely toning and sculpting.

Our personal trainers are dedicated to spending time with you to create bespoke programmes and assisting members on a one to one basis. Find out more about our PT sessions.

Class sessions are a great way to keep you motivated and focused. Exercising in a group where the atmosphere is pumping won’t feel like exercise at all. Classes are open to non-members, why not check what class you want to come to Fitness Class Timetable [PDF].

Book your classes online by clicking here. (Registered Members Only)

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A bit about the classes:


A water based workout which is suitable for all abilities. Raises your heart rate using the water as a natural resistance.

Aqua Zumba

The class combines the traditional elements of Aqua Fitness Classes, together with the upbeat, Latin-infused dance moves and music of Zumba. It tends to be lower impact, due to the water’s natural resistance but still high energy and lots of fun.

Bar Boost

Working hard with a medium to light loaded barbell, involving high repetitions to get a total tone of all the major muscle groups in the body.


A combination of bodyweight and cardio exercise, running (which can include hill sprints) and core exercises. Where possible this class will be held outdoors.


Tough day, month or year? Punching technique and plenty of sweat. Punch yourself fit.


Studio based session using various pieces of equipment and hitting all muscle groups.

Cofton Core

An intense Ab blast with all parts of your core strength being used and improved.


Get the Glutes and Hamstrings fired up with the classic Russian swing. Kettlebells is an enjoyable yet very rewarding workout that combines functional movement with strong solid technique.

LBT (Legs, Bums & Tums)

Sessions consist of squats, lunges, sits up and much more!

Metafit H.I.I.T.

The original High Intensity Interval Training workout. The aim of Metafit is to push the body to maximal effort load with minimum rest between exercises, this forces the Metabolism to be reborn and burn fat for fuel. Metafit is tough, no choreographed dance moves, no pacing just hard work!

Spin Cycle

Studio cycling session focusing on endurance, strength and intervals.


NEW suspension training body-weight exercise, develops strength, balance, flexibility and core simultaneously.

Triple Challenge

3 classes in 1! Target 3 different muscle groups, featuring Spin, Kettlebells and other great workouts!


An ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. We offer a number of classes throughout the week.


A modernised yoga class for people who want to build strength and flexibility with an invigorating style. Beginners welcome. A great preparation for Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

Strength & Conditioning Yoga

A great class for those who may take part in sport or otherfitness classes. Designed to target habitually tight muscles and enhance core strength and increase flexibility of the whole body. (This ideal for cyclists/runners/triathletes/surfers and HIIT’ers etc).

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

A dynamic and powerful yoga class designed to raise your heart rate and build strength as well as flexibility. Class sequences vary to target specific areas of the body and to offer the body a challenge to move in different ways. As this is a strong yoga class, some previous yoga experience is preferred.

Zumba Fitness

A dance class, with moves and rhythms from around the world. Using intermittent training, it combines fast and slow rhythms for an effective aerobic workout, while at the same time toning the whole body.


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