Our Fishing Lakes

We have 71 pegs over our 5 fishing lakes. They present anglers with a variety of fish which will challenge but also reward in equal measure, we recently re-stocked all our lakes making them even more interesting. Most notably, our Mamhead lake received many 3lb Mirror Carp, and Powderham pool now has a good stocking of Tench and so should not disappoint.

Mamhead – Lake 1

Mamhead Match Lake has a high stocking density and as the name suggests is aimed at match and pleasure fishing. There are 26 well spaced platform pegs with the lake divided by a small channel and 3 islands.

Carp are the mainstay with hundreds of fish present. They range in size from 1lb up to nearly 20lb with many upper doubles caught in 2017. The average size being 4-5lb at present. The most recent stocking was in March 2018 when 50 C3 mirror carp weighing stocking was in October 2017 with 250 4-6lb carp added. There is a large head of Bream with an 8lb specimen caught in 2017. 4-5lb fish are common and we also added several hundred 1-2lb fish in March 2018 to boost the Bream stocks.

Perch thrive in the lake, feeding on the large Roach shoals and 4lb specimens have been reported in recent years. A number of 3lb+ fish reported in 2017. The Perch are largely neglected and the lake could possibly do a monster fish! There is the odd Tench and Crucian carp in the lake but realistically to few to target just a nice surprise if you get one.Massive shoals of Roach with individual fish to 1.5lb some rudd and some Roach/Bream hybrids are also present in the lake.Although not everyone’s favorite there are huge Eels present with fish over 6lb reported in the past. Best in 2017 was a 4lb fish.
Keep an eye on the notice board as this lake holds a weekly residents match and coaching events so may have restricted fishing.

Powderham Tench Pool – Lake 2

Powderham Tench Pool has been created to cater for those anglers who like to catch fish other than Carp and may also like to put together a net of fish. This pool is the only one on site where keepnets are allowed outside of matches and pleasure anglers can put together a net of fish.
It’s a small intimate pool with 9 platform swims and features including floating islands, reeded margins and lily pads. Depths are very variable so plumbing up is a must with some spots going to 8ft.
The pool contains a good head of Tench most of which were stocked in 2017 at 1-2lb. A handful of Tench were netted from Luscombe Lake and added to the stock, one of these fish weighed 5lb+ so there is the odd bigger Tench.Bream were stocked in March 2018 and around 200 1-2lb fish went into the pool.The pool also contains Roach, Rudd, Perch, Eels and the odd small rogue carp.Watch this space because the Tench Pool will be receiving more fish shortly. Powderham Tench Pool will also be a venue for weekly guest matches so check notice board as there may be restricted fishing on a day.

Ashcombe Pool – Lake 3

Carp are the dominant species in Ascombe Carp Pool with fish from 2lb – 20lb+. There are 9 platform swims and lots of features to fish to. Extensive reedbeds, bull rushes and lily pads all feature on this pool making great fish holding spots. There are mirror, common, leather and ghost carp present all to specimen size. The most sought after fish in this pool is the largest Ghost Carp which weighs in over the magic 20lb mark but is a difficult fish to catch only seeing the bank once in 2017 that we know of. The are several other Ghosties some well into double figures residing in the pool and can often be seen cruising in the warmer weather. In October 2017 we stocked 12 double figure Mirror Carp up to 13lb in to the pool. These were hand picked fish with beautiful big scale patterns and complemented the original stocks which were mostly commons. In addition we have moved 8 mid doubles from the match lake into Ashcombe pool so there are plenty of big carp to target here.The pool received a stocking of 200 1-3lb carp and a handful of 6-9lb carp in March 2017 which were added to the existing stocks. This lake constantly produces fish I haven’t seen before so there is still a little of the unknown and could still produce a surprise. There are some Bream to 5lb+ and the odd Tench 4lb+. The silver fish are little fished for and as such the silver fish stocks are a little unknown but Perch, Roach, Rudd and Hybrids are all present.

Luscombe – Lake 4

Luscombe is set up as a dedicated specimen Carp lake with the stocks being managed to give the fish the space and diet to grow on and reach good specimen weights. The silver fish are being netted out to allow the Carp space and to help with the oxygen levels in what is quite a shallow lake. There are 15 platform swims. A large reed bed holds fish down the shallower end of the lake and the deeper end has a willow hanging out in to the water and a very carpy looking little bay but the biggest feature on this lake is the margins. In the summer months you will find the fish tight to the edge. The Carp stocks have been added to in 2017 with 36 hand picked fish all weighing double figures up to nearly 14lb finding a new home in the lake. 33 of these fish were mirrors 3 of them commons and all of them absolute stunners! The Carp stocks in this lake were already quite healthy and contained some notable specimens, a 22lb 8oz common was landed in January 2018 and there is another known 20lb+common. There are lots of high doubles including the odd Ghost Carp and with the signs that the fish have been putting on weight we are hoping a few of the big doubles will make 20’s this summer.

Trusham – Lake 5

Carp upto 28lb

Coarse fishing Holidays in devon

Luscombe and Trusham Lakes are for over 18’s

only as these are designed for specimen anglers. Our feature packed fishing lakes are filled not only with feisty carp but some awesome silvers and other species. Islands, vegetation, reads, gravel bars, and even a floating island form an exciting challenge on our fishing lakes.

Nb. No pole fishing is permitted on Luscombe and Trusham Lakes

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