Our Fishing Lakes

We have 57 pegs over our four fishing lakes. They present anglers with a variety of fish which will challenge but also reward in equal measure, we recently restocked all our lakes making them even more interesting. Our Mamhead lake received many carp, bream and tench whilst Powderham pool now has a good stocking of Tench and so should not disappoint.

Map of Cofton Fishing Lakes

Mamhead – Lake 1

Mamhead Match Lake has a high stocking density and as the name suggests is aimed at match and pleasure fishing. There are 26 well spaced platform pegs with the lake divided by a small channel and 3 islands.

Carp are the mainstay with hundreds of fish present. They range in size from 3lb up to 15lb+. The average size being 6lb at present. The lake has been restocked over the last 4 years with Carp, Bream and Tench.

In November 2021 120 1-2lb Tench were stocked and were then followed by 102 carp averaging 8.5lb each. There is a large head of Bream with 4-5lb fish common. The lake produces Perch 3lb+ and good numbers of quality roach to 1lb+, some rudd and eels are also present in the lake.

Every Thursday from April 1st to September 30th a weekly residents’ match takes place on this lake 10:00 to 15:00. Interested anglers should call in to the tackle shop to register. This lake also hosts our Cofton Cup Fishing Festival twice each year.

Powderham Tench Pool – Lake 2

Powderham Tench Pool has been created to cater for those anglers who like to catch fish other than Carp and may also like to put together a net of fish. This pool is the only one on site where keepnets are allowed outside of matches (maximum 5 hours) and pleasure anglers can put together a net of fish.

It’s a small intimate pool with 9 platform swims. The reeded margins and lily pads add character to this intriguing pool. Depths are very variable so plumbing up is a must with some spots going to 8ft.

The pool contains a good head of tench to 4lb+ and a large head of crucian carp to 1lb. Bream go to 5lb+, golden rudd to nearly 2lb, roach 1.5lb+, Perch 3lb+, Eels and the odd small rogue carp. The pool has a maximum line breaking strain of 6lb and heavy carp tackle is not allowed.

During the school holidays on Mondays and Wednesdays this pool hosts our Try fishing sessions run by our qualified angling coach. These sessions can be booked online or at reception subject to availability.

Ashcombe Pool – Lake 3

Carp are the dominant species in Ascombe Carp Pool with fish from 1lb – 20lb+. There are 9 platform swims and lots of features to fish to. Extensive reedbeds, bull rushes and lily pads all feature on this pool making great fish holding spots.

There are mirror, common, leather and ghost carp present all to specimen size. There are several ghosties, some upper double figures residing in the pool and can often be seen cruising in the warmer weather. Whilst there is a large stock of small carp present there are also 40+ good doubles to low 20’s in this pool. There are Bream to 5lb+ and lots of silver fish present. Roach and Rudd both top 1lb with specimen Perch to 3lb+ also reported recently.

George’s Lake – Lake 4

New for 2022 the 2 back pools have been Joined together to make one lake. The new specimen lake has given more space for the carp to move around in and hopefully grow on. Extensive planting has taken place and the lake has reeded margins, lilly pads and an island boasting its own weeping willow.

There are 14 purpose built gravel swims including a double swim. The lake holds a good stock of mirrors to 29.10, commons to 25.04 and ghost carp to 20.08. With a good head of 20lb plus specimens. This lake is solely for the practice of specimen carp fishing and has its own set of rules.

Map of George's Fishing Lake

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