Meet the Entertainment Team

Meet the dedicated and enthusiastic, entertainment team who will be bringing laughter and entertainment on your Cofton holiday. From kids clubs, right through to Cofton's Got Talent and the evening cabaret and shows, they have prepared exciting and memorable entertainment which will bring your holiday to life. Our enthusiastic team cannot wait to meet you on your Cofton Holiday.

Entertainment Team

The Cofton Crew

Hi, we're the Cofton Crew and we can't wait to help make your holiday special! We're dressed in bright pink so you can't miss us around the park - make sure you pop into The Warren Retreat and see us for Kid's Club! Have you met our best friend Digby? The Cofton-saurus is a little bit shy, but he loves hugs! If you see him, come and say hello!


I was inspired to start performing at the age of 9 after i watched videos of my idol, Michael Jackson. I have performed all around the UK as part of a dance company, receiving 5* reviews! Come down to The Warren Retreat for Kid's Club and you may catch me bustin' a move or two, think you can do better? Come along to Cofton's Got Talent, or we can have a dance off!


I love performing - i've been doing it ever since i was little when i auditioned for Billy Elliot! Do you know who the Chuckle Brothers are? I've worked with them, you can probably tell from my sense of humour. If i'm not cracking hilarious jokes you'll find me causing mischief with Digby around Cofton.


Have you met our mascot Digby? He's a mischievous dinosaur who's always causing trouble around the park! If you find him, make sure you give him a hug! Digby is a Coftosaraus—the last of his kind. His egg was trapped in tree sap for millions of years and it was our brave Cofton Crew who ventured the woods to recover him. Digby now roams the park challenging kids to dance offs and giving out free hugs

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